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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sweet Lilac Paper Flowers - Embellished Candle

Oh! How I love these flowers and as I said in my previous blog, my imagination ran riot, much faster than my ability to co-ordinate lol.

Another passion I have is collecting ribbon and recently bought some from Easy Florist (as seen in lower picture).

I wrapped a length of ribbon around a white candle (Ikea) and hot glued in place. I then wrapped Gold organza ribbon around my fingers, having taped the first loop temporarily in place I wrapped the ribbon 3/4 more times, cut from reel and taped this (both taped ends were parallel in the centre). I then snipped the four corners slightly, laid the snipped corners central and wrapped a second length around the centre, double knotted this to make tails, untapped the original ends and loosened the bow loops, finally trimming all four tails.

Having glued the gold bow in place (over the join of the base ribbon) I added the red and brown poinsettias by Sweet Lilac Paper Flowers

I am loving this blog stuff and as my craft space is at the far side of our bedroom, blogging at night when my lovely husband gets beauty sleep is motivation to craft more during the day.

Thank you for looking, Bye for now ...

Karen x