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Friday, 20 February 2015


The Harmony of Flowers

My inspiration for this card came while I was discussing 'inclusion'. As we craft, we are constantly blending colour, materials and concepts, all of which are then included within our finished project. In society a not dissimilar blend occurs with race, profession and character and yet there is so much bitterness. While in nature, it seems so harmonious, the flowers in a meadow, at the side of a road or in a garden all seem to blend within their landscape and if one listens hard one can hear them sing in the wind. 

So tomorrow as we craft lets not forget that our love of creative 'inclusion' that we can share its beauty, its calm with society and maybe help some find harmony like the flowers find in their natural habitat.

I began this project with a piece of centura pearl 28cm x 14cm which I scored (landscape) at 7cm and 14cm. I lightly marked the edge at 21cm and again on the short side at 7cm. I scored diagonally in both directions from 21cm to 7cm (landscape edge). I drew a light line from 21cm to 7cm (short side) on both sides and cut along them to remove small triangles from the corners. I then scored all my score lines and folded the card to produce a 'Diamond Spring Card'

I had some lilac printed music paper which I cut to fit the diamond section and both sides of the easel section. I fixed these in place with cosmic shimmer, and trimmed once dry. I used red tape to fix the diamond section to the easel base section at the lower triangular part.

I then stamped Wild Poppies Bottom Clear Stamp on the lower right of the diamond with Archival and coloured with Spectrum Aqua Markers. I used the Remountable Music Clear Stamp Set to stamp over the music backing paper and the Word Chain 12 Clear Stamps to stamp 'Harmony'. I stamped the instruments onto scraps of backing paper and fussy cut them before glueing tabs onto them thus letting them stand up. 

To add to the 'floral' theme I added some poppies from which I coloured with Promarkers.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and Happy Crafting

Best wishes

Karen x